Alpha Release 1.0

Hi everyone !

We are glad to announce the realease of the alpha version of “The Great Wizard Tournament”. After months of work, we finally achieve to have something clean and that we are proud of.

There are still lot of work to do, lot of features to improve and other to add, but we think we reach a good point that deserves to be published.

Here is the trailer for the alpha :

Let me resume the changes, the main visible change is on the graphism that changed totally, and will make the game more beautiful. We also removed all character, and added one that fits in this environment, the plan is to create other wizards for players in a short time. We tried our best to balance all the spells we have. We cleaned the UI ingame, it is not perfect yet, but it fits the rest of the game.

We keep working on the game, and you can follow the development on our discord :

Have a good day wizards !


The Great Wizards Tournament 129 MB
May 29, 2019

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