The Great Wizards Tournament 0.4

Hi everyone !

The Great Wizards Tournament 0.4 is out today ! Here is the news of this week :

  • 2 new spells added
    • Shield Mirror : Summons a big shield protecting you, and reflect every projectiles hitting this shield.
    • Shield Converter : Absorb all the shield of a player (friendly or ennemy) and convert it in a heal for you or one of your ally.
  • New map
    • If only few player in the game, the tournament will happen in a new map, smaller a lot than other one to make fights more dynamic
  • Rework of previous spells
    • Anti projectiles zone
    • Meteor
    • Snowball

  • 2 new wizards to play with
    • A wood wizard
    • A woman wizard
    • Until the wizard customisaiton is done, these wizards are choosable by a combination on the axe, rind and boot pictures on the lobby page

For the next update, we decided to ask you about what spells to add, we wrote a list of ideas and just choose which ones you would like in the game for next friday : here !

Don't hesitate to download the game, and have fun !


The Great Wizards 62 MB
Feb 01, 2019 62 MB
Feb 01, 2019 62 MB
Feb 01, 2019

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