The Great Wizards Tournament 0.6

Hi Wizards !

Here is the patch notes of the 0.6 :

  • 2 News spells

                          The followBall:

  • FollowBall 
    • Thow a ball of energetic that will follow your cursor and makes big damage to the first target you touch.
    • But be careful, breaking the link of focus by hitting an obstacle or making the follow ball catch your cursor will make you lose hp and makes you silent for a short time.

                          The Boomerang:

    • Thow a Boomerang in the targeted direction, it will give damage to any ennemy on his way, then after a distance, the boomerang will come back.
    • If you can catch your boomerang, you can directly throw it again !

  • Creation of a statistics page at the end of the game (so you can compare with your adversaries and laugh at them !)

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