This game was for the trijam #34 where the goal is to create a game in less than 3 hours. the theme was "Exit" and one of the optionnal option was "Design gameplay with 1 button" that I took very seriously ^^

You have to escape, face some ennemies, learn spell (yes only one), but all your action will be decided by clicking on one button, that will randomly change what action to do. (you can click on the button or press space)

I focused on the dev mostly, no music or no sound and graphics are very poor. I think I will use it as a prototype for a real rogue like where the action (attack, spell,..) will be random as it is here but the moving parts won't be random.


Download 19 MB


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This is a really great concept and provides a really decent challenge!

Hey! A cool concept, the only thing that annoyed me is that most of the time you have to either jump or move right but this Left ! command was appearing as frequent as other commands. It might be cool to make certain areas change the random percentage of commands appearing, like if you have to jump and move right, then jump and right coul be more frequent in this area.

I wonder what will you do with it for a post jam version though :)